July 25, 2014

Cool Ways to Use Google to Inspire Your Students to Create Dynamic Worlds


Here are some practical applications of how teachers and librarians can use Google’s Maps and Street View to create lesson plans and assignments on virtual tours of the streets of Paris, or map out some Civil War battles.

The HP Chromebook 11 Has Strength and Charm | Test Drive


With its clean, kid-friendly design and cheery accent colors, the HP Chromebook 11 could fit nicely into K–12 classrooms and libraries, writes Test Drive reviewer Joelle Alcaidinho.

The Importance of the Unforseen Purpose


I first came into contact with the importance of the unforseen purpose as a teenager. For whatever reason I had decided that I wanted to make a mobile or hanging sculpture. At the time, my bedroom where I was going to hang it was about 12′x12′ but with a 12-foot tall ceiling. I decided to make […]

Make the STEM connection | The Next Big Thing


Put the “science” back in library science and help support STEM learning

Multimedia Assessments: Tools for making dynamic audio-and video-based tests


Video, audio, and images can help students gain deeper understanding of a question. Previously, struggling readers might have had assessment questions read aloud to him or her. Now, multimedia tools allow these students to take tests independently.

“Cultural Competence” Is Essential to Serve Teens


With a society that’s growing increasingly diverse, librarians should proactively integrate cultural aspects of “diverse linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups” into programs and services.

Cool Tools for Featuring Student Book Reviews


There’s nothing like a book recommendation from a friend. Encourage students to share their opinions by creating a student-driven book review site. Richard Byrne shows you how in the accompanying screencasts.

“The MarcRecord”


A while back (just about a decade ago actually) I gave a presentation wherein I used a number of quotes and illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. One of my favorites is this exchange: “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, but you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re […]

The Life of a High-Functioning Introvert


Please forgive me, upon occasion I dip into highly personal topics that do not focus on digital libraries. Since this is one of those times, you may wish to avert your eyes. Yesterday at ALA Midwinter I ran into someone I knew who was active in LITA and she asked me why I didn’t show […]