December 7, 2022

Bibliotheca Says Solution to Library Ebook Frustrations Has to Be National | ALA Annual 2012

Although many details have yet to be worked out, Bibliotheca’s fledgling ebook division has attracted some strong library talent and is aspiring to a national ebook solution for libraries.

All Hat, No Cattle: A Call for Libraries to Transform Before It’s Too Late

Jamie LaRue, director of the Douglas County Libraries, lays out a plan of action for libraries to transform their collections in the face of the ebook revolution.

Update: Bibliotheca Debuts Ebook Division on Douglas County Model

This article has been updated to include comment from Marshall Breeding. Library technology company Bibliotheca, heretofore mostly focused on helping libraries manage their print collections through tools like RFID, is entering the ebook market in a decidedly different way: by offering a solution for libraries who want to follow the Douglas County Libraries, CO, model […]

Making the Shift: A School Librarian Considers the Douglas County Ebook Model

The ability to stream all of my library’s digital content for students and staff to access on a range of personal devices–that’s my dream, writes Phil Goerner. At Douglas County (CO) Libraries they’ve made it a reality.

Large California Consortium Joins Movement Toward Library Ebook Ownership

Califa Library Group

The largest library network in California is going to adopt the pioneering ebook business model of Colorado’s Douglas County Libraries, which allows libraries to truly own, not rent, their ebooks.

State Librarians Curious as Bilbary Prepares to Launch Its Ebook Platform

Bilbary is preparing for a soft launch of its ebook platform in early March, and four state librarians who constitute the ebook task force of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) are at least curious about its potential.

Douglas County Libraries Erects Legal Framework for Ebook Purchases, With Assist From Mary Minow

Douglas County seeking comments and criticisms on documents it has come up with to solicit and govern ebook transactions.

Assured About Security, More Publishers Agree to Sell Ebook Files to Douglas County Libraries

Douglas County Libraries unique program to actually own as many ebooks in the library’s collection as it can has begun to gain traction. Publishers participating in the project say the technological safeguards the library has in place made them comfortable allowing the library to manage digital rights.

Douglas County Libraries Strikes New Deals With Publishers to Own Ebooks

Douglas County Libraries in Colorado is expanding its effort to own ebook content outright and manage the digital rights through the library’s own server. The latest publisher deals are with Gale and Lerner Digital.