December 7, 2022

ISTE 2012 | ALA Annual: Candid Thoughts on Change, the FCC Digital Literacy Plan, and Advocacy

In a challenging economy, ISTE and ALA grapple with advocating for their school librarian, media specialist membership and then there’s the hot-button issue of digital literacy.

Librarians, School and Public, Tap the Best in Kids’ Apps | ALA Annual 2012

Talking apps at ALA: Gretchen Caserotti, Amy Graves, Travis Jonker, and John Schumacher hosted a session on using apps with kids in the context of library services, both in public libraries and schools.

Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley Urges Librarians to More Actively Reshape the Digital Landscape | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley made a cogent and precise presentation at the American Library Association conference this week that urged the librarian community to do a better job at directing the multitude of conversations that ultimately affect how and what libraries can do with digital content.

The Ebook Elephant in the Room | ALA Annual 2012

For ebooks, “true collection development is going to have to wait…until we have more access, if not all access to everything that’s being published,” Anne Silvers Lee, chief of the materials management division of the Free Library of Philadelphia, said during a Saturday panel discussion at the American Library Association’s annual conference in Anaheim this weekend.

Google Debuts New Service for Libraries at ALA Conference | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet giant takes a small table and pitches a free map service.

ALA Contemplating a Seal of Approval for Ebook Business Models | ALA Annual 2012

The American Library Association’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group has had a busy year, and it is now halfway through its two-year mission to help guide ALA in its response to all the challenges and difficulties that ebooks are presenting to the librarian community, with a particular focus on public librarians and the Big […]

Bibliotheca Says Solution to Library Ebook Frustrations Has to Be National | ALA Annual 2012

Although many details have yet to be worked out, Bibliotheca’s fledgling ebook division has attracted some strong library talent and is aspiring to a national ebook solution for libraries.

Pew: Patrons Still Don’t Know Libraries Have Ebooks | ALA Annual 2012

Of Americans aged 16 and over, only 2 percent have borrowed an ebook from a library in the past year, The Pew Internet Project announced today at the American Library Association conference in Anaheim, CA. Although the numbers are higher for ebook readers, they’re still small: only 12 percent have borrowed an ebook from the […]

Conference Under Way, ALA President Praises New Penguin Ebook Pilot With NYC Libraries | ALA Annual 2012

As the ALA annual conference got under way, ALA President Molly Raphael welcomed the news that Penguin was putting its toe back in the library ebook lending waters