November 29, 2023

ALA Report Confirms Negative Impact of Filtering on Student Learning

“Fencing out Knowledge: Impacts of the Children’s Internet Protection Act 10 Years Later” concludes that institutions using filtering software in order to receive certain federal funds routinely block more content than required, depriving students of access to information and collaborative tools.

What to Do When Kids Aren’t Allowed to Read Digital Books in School

Pat Scales, chair of the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee and SLJ columnist, regularly fields questions on banned library materials. But “this is the first I’ve encountered in which a book’s format has been censored,”…

YouTube for Schools Offers a Remedy–and Underscores Ongoing Filter Issues

YouTube has unveiled a new “safe” service to help teachers and students access the video-sharing giant’s vast treasures.

Idaho Librarians Adapt to a Filtering Law They Consider Unnecessary

Idaho has for the first time a state law that addresses Internet filtering at public libraries. Although less restrictive than what was initially proposed, librarians still harbor reservations about the need for and efficacy of the law, which was championed by a group called Citizens for Decency..