December 4, 2016

The Imperative for Change: Pam Moran and Ira Socol lay it on the line for librarians at SLJ’s Summit

Children working on an “idea paint wall” in the library, 
Cale Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA.

When it comes to libraries, educators Ira Socol and Pam Moran are very clear—it’s imperative that these institutions evolve in today’s technologically-driven world or risk fading into irrelevancy. Socol and Moran are set to deliver the “unkeynote” at School Library Journal’s Leadership Summit, October 26-27, in Philadelphia.

YouTube for Schools Offers a Remedy–and Underscores Ongoing Filter Issues


YouTube has unveiled a new “safe” service to help teachers and students access the video-sharing giant’s vast treasures.

SLJ’s Top Ten 2011: Technology


These picks aren’t so much about products, things you should run out and buy, but rather the overarching concepts that’ll potentially shape and be shaped by our collective imagination.