December 7, 2022

The True Cost of Free Internet Services | Next Big Thing

We must be willing to pay for Internet products that enhance learning.

For 1:1, Content Is Key | Next Big Thing


Seven of the districts that I serve are implementing some level of 1:1 for 2014-15, however device implementation only works with great material, so be prepared.

To Tackle Major Issues Affecting Kids, ALA Divisions Must Collaborate | The Next Big Thing

The effects of screen time on little ones, the integration of technology with library programming – these are some of the issues now facing the profession. It’s time to break down divisional silos, according to Christopher Harris, and work together to ensure libraries’ effectiveness in serving kids and teens.

Make the STEM connection | The Next Big Thing

Put the “science” back in library science and help support STEM learning

CIPA at 10: Internet Filtering Excessive, Study Finds | ALA Midwinter Meeting

A decade after the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) went into effect, its implementation in schools and public libraries is problematic and the scale of Internet filtering is excessive, panelist said during the ALA Midwinter session “Revisiting The Children’s Internet Protection Act: 10 Years Later.”

Give Students a Break: Four Strategies to Combat Information Overload

Less is More

When it comes to presenting resources to students and teachers, librarians have been as guilty as any regarding information overload. But in this digital age of abundance, our real value is being able to discern quality over quantity.

Self-Published Ebooks not a Solution for K-12 Schools

While self-published titles may be an option for public libraries when it comes to acquiring ebooks, not so for schools, according to SLJ columnist Christopher Harris, who lays out the ongoing challenges for ebook adoption in K-12.

We Could Be Heroes: Research plus tech skills are a hot commodity

Librarians are masters of information. Finding it, storing it, organizing it, retrieving it—you name it. We excel at a wide range of skills. And in today’s world, that’s the name of the game.

A Librarian’s Tricks for Finding Those ‘Complex Texts’ Cited in the Common Core

Want to help teachers find high-quality “complex texts,” a key ingredient of the new educational standards? Christopher Harris shows you how.

What’s on My iPad: A few key apps let you hit the road laptop free

From Keynote to Penultimate, the must-have productivity apps SLJ columnist Christopher Harris puts to use while on the road.