December 10, 2023

 Streamline Student Research With Wolfram|Alpha Add-Ons

The recent release of two add-ons for Google Drive brings the power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational search engine directly into Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Alternative Search Tools: These options to Google will help students become better researchers

Cool Tools columnist Richard Byrne presents some free options for research that don’t require a login, along with a few quick tips to aid student searches.

An Alternative Search Tool for Your Tablet

A new app for the iPad and Android devices uses a highly visual format to provide a different search experience for the tablet user. More than just a pretty interface, Izik—which debuted last month as the top reference app in iTunes—is based on Blekko, the search engine that boasts higher quality results based on human curation.

Joyce Valenza Shares a Secret Search Tool

“When it comes to search, your favorite search engine and your favorite databases may not necessarily be the right places to launch inquiry,” writes Joyce Valenza. Recently she’s tried an overlooked feature of one of her favorite resources, LibGuides, to access the best resources via the expert hive.

Google Launches Site to Teach Better Searching

Google’s new Search Education hub offers leveled lesson plans for K-12, search activities from AGoogleADay, and an archive of webinars.

Wary of Google? Try These Alternative Search Tools

Information expert Gary Price runs down the options in general-purpose search engines and specialty search tools.

Keep Good Searches from Going Bad

When students make a beeline for Google, these tips can improve their experience.

Webinar Tackles a Conundrum for Kids and Educators Alike: Research Skills

Librarians shared the best strategies when working with students and research in a recent webinar. The bottom line? The need to push them to think beyond the results—and instead examine how they got there.