June 28, 2022

Resources for Curating Video Collections and Creating Custom Courses

A good video can be a powerful tool for helping students understand new concepts. The challenge isn’t locating quality instructional clips—but rather organizing your selections. Making playlists in YouTube is one strategy, but there are better options. Try these tools for organizing and creating video courses.

Teach Kids how to Code, Make Apps and 3-D Models With These Tools

The best applications for teaching basic programming skills—no geek cred required to use them successfully in your classroom or library. Other apps enable kids to build 3-D models, which they can print, too.

From Scavenger Hunts to Photo Sharing, Fun Apps to Calm the Back-to-School Jitters

Early in the school year is a good time to help kids get into the swing of things and get to know one another and these apps can help.

Summer Project? Six Tools to Upgrade Your School Website

School’s out—and time to enjoy some serious lounging. Summer is also a time to consider your Web presence. If your website could use an upgrade, consider these tools to give it a boost for back-to-school—and save you time this fall.

Blogging for Reluctant Writers: Have students share their ideas using sound and video


Here Richard Byrne covers sound and video applications that enable students to blog—without writing, from SoundCloud and Animoto to a new audio slideshow tool called Narrable.

The Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Creating Great Presentations

We’ve all endured “death by PowerPoint.” It’s a painful experience for the audience and probably not all that fun for the presenter either. To help students deliver effective presentations—free of those deadly bullet points—SLJ columnist Richard Byrne cites his go-to applications.

Getting Kids Engaged with Primary Sources | Cool Tools

Primary resources can help bring history to life for students. Make the most of first-hand accounts and other primary source content with tools such as the National Archives’ Digital Vaults, video tour included.

Top Tools for Upgrading Your Resume | Cool Tools


It’s spring, a time when students start looking for summer jobs or internships—and that requires some attention to their resumes and portfolios. In this month’s “Cool Tools,” Richard Byrne taps the best applications for creating an online showcase of your best work.

Google Drive as an Institutional Repository

Innovation comes in many guises. When we hear the word we probably most often thinks it means creating something new. But innovation can also be using something that already exists in a new way. Innovation of the latter variety was recently exhibited in an interesting post to the Code4Lib list. The message, from Chris Fitzpatrick, […]

Alternative Search Tools: These options to Google will help students become better researchers

Cool Tools columnist Richard Byrne presents some free options for research that don’t require a login, along with a few quick tips to aid student searches.