December 6, 2022

CES 2013 Top Trends for Schools: From adaptive ebooks to crowd-funded technology, products to look out for

Grumbling about the relevance of CES notwithstanding, several standout products are set to impact K–12 education. SLJ columnist Jeff Hastings taps the highlights, including one overarching trend that’s bound to affect a wide range of devices for all users.

CES 2012: Mini Tablets Played Big

Shrinking tablets were a big theme at the Consumer Electronics Show, with some devices doubling as phones and others as gaming platforms. The trend is sure to influence developers of apps and other digital materials for this newer size.

CES 2012: The Shapes of Things To Come

Square was in at the 2012 International CES, but a triangle—between content, devices, and connectivity—told the real story.

CES 2012: Digital Publishers Debate What Makes a Great Kids’ Product

Digital publishers and app developers gathered to talk shop, specifically what makes a great ebook experience for kids, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.