December 1, 2015

Ebooks 2013: New leasing models, cheaper devices, more content

School books with Tablet

“School libraries, I believe, will be the coming focal point for ebook licensing,” write Chris Harris. “We have strong relationships with our K–12 publishing partners, but now we must reach out to the trade houses. As the print market weakens, the time is right for schools to present a new business proposal.”

Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks | LJ Insider

The company has said it before but our librarians paying attention to what it could possibly mean?

Q&A: Random House VP Skip Dye on Ebooks in Libraries


Skip Dye, vice president, director of library and academic marketing and sales for Random House, discusses the publisher’s views on ebooks in libraries as part of a series of Q&As leading up to “The Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond,” LJ’s third annual ebook summit on Wednesday, October 17.

ALA Contemplating a Seal of Approval for Ebook Business Models | ALA Annual 2012

The American Library Association’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group has had a busy year, and it is now halfway through its two-year mission to help guide ALA in its response to all the challenges and difficulties that ebooks are presenting to the librarian community, with a particular focus on public librarians and the Big […]

Consortium of 25 Libraries in Connecticut Votes to Boycott Random House

Libraries Online Incorporated (LION), a consortium of twenty-five Connecticut public, academic, and school libraries, has imposed a moratorium on the purchase of ebooks from Random House.

Librarians Feel Sticker Shock as Price for Random House Ebooks Rises as Much as 300 Percent


New prices for Random House’s ebooks took effect on Thursday, and as the details emerged a number of librarians across the country expressed dismay at the doubling and tripling in prices they are seeing.

Random House Reaffirms Commitment to Library Ebook Lending While Raising Prices to Wholesalers

Random House

After an “upbeat and productive” meeting with leaders of the American Library Association on Tuesday, Random House reaffirmed its commitment to library lending of the company’s entire portfolio of ebook titles. At the same time, the company has announced that effective March 1 it is raising ebook prices that it charges library wholesalers such as OverDrive, 3M, and Ingram, which set the ultimate price libraries will pay to lease ebooks.

To Attract Parents and Kids, Libraries Should Think Mobile


Public libraries hoping to attract more children and teens, as well as their parents, would do well to focus on mobile technology.

Lawsuits, Investigations of Ebook Pricing Proliferate and Consolidate

Apple Inc. and the Big Six publishers are facing a widening array of investigations and lawsuits that allege they conspired to illegally fix ebook pricing in an effort to undermine Amazon’s competitive edge.