December 1, 2022

Commentary: Dell Needs a Clue. Here’s One.

The recent ugliness in Copenhagen in which a misogynistic speaker was hired by Dell to address a company summit there hasn’t received much coverage in the general press and that’s too bad.

What Tech in Schools Really Looks Like

When it comes to the latest technology, some schools are more equal than others.

SLJ’s Top Ten 2011: Technology

These picks aren’t so much about products, things you should run out and buy, but rather the overarching concepts that’ll potentially shape and be shaped by our collective imagination.

Scenes from an Education Think Tank

Equitable access, personalized learning, and the role of social media were among the topics tackled at the Education Think Tank hosted by Dell. A diverse group of educators and community members active in social media assembled for the day-long event held in New York City.