May 25, 2015

Our Public Library Minecraft Community

Our Public Library Minecraft Community

A library system’s countywide Minecraft program is a core service, an afterschool sanctuary, and a peer support group.

Libraries Offer Publishers Local Marketing Advantage


With major bookstore chains struggling to draw foot traffic and ebooks proliferating online, publishers are finding it increasingly difficult to help potential customers discover new authors or explore their midlist titles. In this environment, libraries could be powerful partners, noted a group of panelists during the “Libraries: More Important Than Ever for Discovery” session at the Digital Book World 2013 Conference in New York last week. “Nobody loves debut novelist like a librarian. We love finding books,” said Stephanie Anderson, head of readers’ advisory for Darien Library.

Libraries Use iPads and Apps to Ramp Up Storytime, but Concerns Remain

A young patron with an iPad at Darien (CT) Library. Photo courtesy of Gretchen Caserotti.

In a shift occurring nationwide, libraries are conducting “digital storytime,” using apps in kids’ programs for education, entertainment, and involving parents in the learning process. But not everyone’s sold on the use of iPads, especially with very young children.

LJ Virtual Tech Summit Explores How Libraries Use Tech To Connect with Patrons

Library Journal's Tech Summit: Power to the Patron

LJ’s Virtual Tech Summit on December 8 brought together sharp minds from across the country, addressing a range of cutting-edge technologies in the library world.

Libraries on Google+


Google’s popular social networking site, Google+, was launched in June of this year, and has since built up a membership of more than 40 million users. But only earlier this month did Google begin allowing organizations, and not just individuals, to create their own pages on the site.

Power to the Patron Q&A: Darien Library’s Gretchen Caserotti on Self-Service


As part of the preparation for the upcoming LJ Virtual Tech Summit on December 8, The Digital Shift is featuring interviews with some of the panelists. LJ talked to Gretchen Caserotti, assistant director for public services at Darien Library, CT, and a 2010 LJ Mover & Shaker, about self-service at Darien Library.

Espresso Print-on-Demand Book Machines Making Inroads at Public Libraries


Darien Library, CT, launched a new Espresso Book Machine (EBM), which can print and create a bound book in a matter of minutes, during its annual meeting on October 30. The Sacramento Public Library, CA, will soon launch its own EBM. They’re two of only three public libraries in the country currently providing the fee-based print-on-demand service to patrons—but if the service catches on, it could be the first step in establishing public libraries as a center for on-demand book printing and self-publishing.