August 15, 2022

Top SLJ Comments of the Week

From School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books and The Hunger Games to the latest on ebooks—they giveth Harry Potter and they taketh away—a lot went on this week.

All the News that’s Fit to Tap and Swipe: Comparing news apps Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, and Google Currents

SLJ reviews the top news apps—including Google Currents—along with tips for using these tools with students.

Messages that Stick: A hip marketing concept can work for libraries

Do you have permission to contact students with updates from the library? SLJ columnist Chris Harris envisions the confluence of “permission marketing” and library services.

Link of the Week: ‘You’re not really a librarian’

A February 6 post from the blog “K-M the Librarian” by Sara Kelley-Mudie speaks to the perception of librarians and why it matters.

SLJ’s Top Ten 2011: Technology

These picks aren’t so much about products, things you should run out and buy, but rather the overarching concepts that’ll potentially shape and be shaped by our collective imagination.

With a Little Help from Twitter: Cash poor, librarian Keisa Williams turns to DonorsChoose and social media

A paltry materials budget got you down? Keisa Williams knows the feeling well. So the school librarian at the K–5 Monarch Academy in Oakland, CA, turned to with her cause. And the good people of the Web responded.

All a Twitter About Apps

What do users want to see in kids’ book apps? More offerings for young adult and middle grade readers and better functionality—like being able to control the narration speed or kill the music. These ideas and more were the talk of a recent Twitter “party” thrown by digital publisher Ruckus Media.